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Experiencing Angel Island, San Francisco With Kids In Tow

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Angel Island

San Francisco has lured people from all over the world not only because of its food, culture, and denizens but also a unique experience it offers. From drum lessons to a seven-course meal of beef to the best seafood possible, it offers a smorgasbord of learning and new memories. click here to know some of the most popular experiences in San Francisco. But even the most wondrous of places can become annoying when one has to travel with children it is for this reason gives so many articles on how to handle children while vacationing.

Here we suggest a trip to Angel Island to make the best of kids and vacation. Unlike traveling to the city or a metropolitan that requires constant vigilance of kids followed by a statement like do not touch that, please lower your volume, have you no manner, stop running, etc. a vacation to the countryside is more stress-free. It maybe because the children expend more energy running around and exploring or maybe we are more chilled out and relaxed. This is one of the reasons Angel Island that is reached through a small ferry ride from either Tiburon or San Francisco is such a haven to explore.

A trip to Angel Island can be clubbed with exploring San Francisco too making it a two in one vacation. The Island which was turned into a State Park in mid 50’s has a rich history. From being the hunting grounds for Coast Miwok when the season came around to the go-to supply place for the Spanish explorer who mapped the San Francisco Bay, Juan Manuel de Ayala, to being a cattle ranch it has had many roles. The island also put on some gray caps during its past like being detainment camp in World War two, an army camp and an artillery base. At present, Angel Island is a peaceful place for families to relax while enjoying historical tours and hiking trails. It is also a popular overnight camping spot, but it is rare to find a booking as most of them get filled up the minute they open.

It is also one of the few places one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Bay Area and bask in the wonder of wildlife. We recommend taking a small hike to the peak of Mt. Livermore. It is short enough that you and the children will not get tired and offers a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Fran. From sailboats gliding on tranquil waters to wildlife running next to you, the hike is easy enough for beginners while providing the full experience. For those who hate to let their legs do the work bike, scooter and Segway are available on rentals through age limit may apply on some of them. There is even a tram tour that comes with a guide available.

A tip before we leave you – take a ferry from the city that is the shortest distance from where you will be staying on the island. For example, if you stay at Cavallo Point Lodge take the ferry from Tiburon.

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